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Love Lives Here Community


Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley is a non-profit organization that is committed to co-creating a caring, open, accepting and diverse community, free from discrimination and dedicated to equal treatment for all our citizens.

Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley was formed as a means for those who love this community to define it on their own positive, welcoming terms.

Love Lives Here is devoted to justice, equality, dignity and fairness for all citizens.

Loves Lives Here is an active organization that will always rise above the fray and speak for those whose voices are over-shadowed by bigoted and intimidating voices. Love Lives Here believes in peaceful non-cooperation with those who seek to exclude and harm others through their languages and actions.

Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley is active in all corners of Flathead County. We have regular meetings and maintain an active membership in the hundreds and have engaged thousands of Flathead citizens from Kalispell to Whitefish, Bigfork to Columbia Falls, Olney to Somers, Lakeside to Hungry Horse and everywhere in between. We are teachers and students, business owners and retirees, members of the clergy and lumberjacks.

We believe that…

Whatever the faiths you have known, the flags of your heritage, or the color of your skin—you are welcome here.

Whoever you are, whatever the circumstances of your life, and whomever you love—you are welcome here.

And whether you ran in here on little feet today, or walked in briskly, or ambled in, or rolled in—you are welcome here.

Whether you agree or disagree, have doubts or certainties, lean left or right or like the middle—you are welcome here.

Love really does Live Here, in the Flathead Valley.