How You Can Respond to the Gun Rally in Kalispell on April 14


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Many of you may have heard that a few local students are planning a rally in Depot Park in Kalispell on Saturday, April 14 to support Second Amendment Rights. While gun issues are outside of our mission, here's what we know -- and what we recommend for local people.

It looks like the event is ready to go.

We have been in touch with the city attorney's office in Kalispell to get the most accurate information. The students have turned in almost all of their paperwork, and their insurance is covered. It would be interesting to know what group has offered to give them insurance coverage, since it is typically not easy to get insurance for a peace rally, let alone a gun rally.

Love Lives Here does not recommend counter protests.

The rhetoric in the promotional material for this rally is antagonistic, claiming that "our 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment are under persistent attacks by the liberal media and government establishments aboard [sic]."

Since Montana has open carry laws, it is very likely that people will bring guns, since the organizers said that they are not encouraging or discouraging firearms at the rally. We don't anyone in the Flathead Valley to become a gun violence statistic because someone at the rally is looking for a confrontation.

If you can, avoid downtown Kalispell from 10am to 4pm on Saturday.

For the safety of our supporters, we advise staying out of the area while this group has rented Depot Park. The rally starts at noon, but they have access to the park for setup and cleanup, too.

Why is Love Lives Here making a statement about this rally?

The local organizers have national support. The April 14 date was chosen by a leader of the Three Percenters militia group and is endorsed by the Oath Keepers militia group, both nationally and locally. There are similar gun rallies across the US planned for Saturday. While the militia groups encouraging these events claim they are defending America, their rhetoric is often violent, they promote conspiracy theories, and their comments frequently echo talking points from white supremacists.

In other words, we are speaking up because we are aware of extremist groups and how they try to mainstream their beliefs using events like these.

Do something fun on Saturday!

The wonderful thing about living in the Flathead Valley is that there is always something wonderful happening. Please skip this rally, enjoy the warmer weather, and spend time with friends and family!

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Cherilyn DeVries