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We're still here, choosing love over hate

Some days, it feels like the white supremacist attack on Jewish families in the Flathead Valley happened years ago. 

Other days, that terrible time seems like it was only last month.

One year later, the targets of the troll storm are moving on with their lives, but there is still concern about another attack.

With the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Tanya Gersh is bringing a lawsuit against Andrew Anglin for his role in publishing her family’s personal contact information and encouraging his readers to flood her emails and phone with angry messages.

While Angin's influence has been blunted a bit, his website is still up and running. If he thinks he's winning on any level as this lawsuit passes through the courts, he could call for retaliation against the Gersh family and Whitefish again.

We want to be prepared.


We're building communities that resist discrimination

We want to keep creating connections in the Flathead Valley and beyond that hold people together when white supremacists try to divide us.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments for 2018:


Here's how you can help -- chip in for a quick fundraiser!

In order to keep that work going, we're raising funds to see us through this year and into 2019. Starting this Thursday, we're participating in a one-day give-a-thon in the Flathead Valley.

From Thursday night until Friday night this week, we'll be sending you a few emails to remind you of this online donation drive. If we get enough donations, we can win matching funds that we can put toward more programming and our dream of having a center where local LGBTQ+ people can meet in peace. 

(You can donate right now, too! Just click on this link.)

Can't donate? No problem.

We realize that financial contributions aren't always possible.

You can show your generosity by sending letters or emails to the Gersh family. They've been asked to limit statements and even public appearances while the lawsuit is in progress.

Let’s help break that feeling of isolation for them. Please take a moment to support their bravery in standing up to Andrew Anglin and the danger that he represents.  

If you could send notes of encouragement to our address, we can forward them to Tanya and the Jewish community here. They'd love to hear from all of you again.

Love Lives Here
PO Box 204
Whitefish MT 59937

Thank you for being part of our community!

We are still basking in the glow of the kindness you offered us a year ago. We have passed some of that love onto others, and we're hoping you can help us continue those ripples of support and connection.

Let's keep building strong, inclusive communities together.